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Volume - 6 Issue - 3


The Standardize Implementation of Government Implementation Basically on Accrual on Regional Government in Merauke District
Karel Betaubun, Sri Suwitri, Y. Warella, Kismartini

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"Elements for a Code of Ethics": A Best Practices Approach
Dr. Milton A. Walters

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The Social Capital: An Explanatory Factor of Existing Divergence between a Company Indebted and a Business Not Indebted
Mohamed Taher Kraima and Zouhayer Mighri

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Independence of the Internal Auditing Independence and Accountability of Child Funded NGOs on Uganda
Mourine Asiimwe, Brendah Akankunda, Irene Nalukenge (PhD)

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Capturing and Integrating Sustainable Customer Requirements into Product Design
Lara F. Horani

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The Creative Behavior of Fishermen Communities in Kedungrejo village, Muncar, Banyuwangi
Nanang Dwi Cahyono

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The Role of Islamic Boarding School on the Economic Empowerment of the Society (a Case Study at Islamic Boarding School Salafiyah Syafi'iyah Banyuputih Situbondo)
Agusti, Sri Kantun, Sukidin

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Transformation of Local Wisdom Values in Social Studies Learning at SMPN 2 Genteng
Muhamad Dharmawan

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Is Servant Leadership a 'Christian Theory'? A Critical Examination of Greenleaf's Servant Leadership Concept
Stephen Gichuhi Kimotho

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Firm Problemistic Search: A Review and Agenda for Future Research
Qiong Wang, Ruyue Zhao

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The State of the State: A Meta-Analysis of State Involvement in Television Broadcasting in the Former Czechoslovakia
Jonathan Andrew Stewart Honig

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