International Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Studies

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Volume - 5 Issue - 2


Disparity in Global Developmental Levels: The Neo-Marxist Explanations
Dr. Bessan Desire

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Socio-Economic Problems Faced by Senior Citizens Living in Aafiyat Center Lahore, Pakistan
Sania Akhtar

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The Culture of Children's Play - Theoretical and Methodological Considerations for Analysing the Culture of Play and the Role of Playgrounds Particularly in Slum Areas of Mumbai
Dr. Martina Maria Spies

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Examining the Effective Sociological Factors on Hope for the Future of the Suburbans of Tabriz
Farokhnazhad koshki Davood, Mohamadi Asgar, Hagigatian Mansuor

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Education in Jamaica: A need for redefinition and a changing of the old philosophy of education
Paul Andrew Bourne, Ruth Owen-Wright

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