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Volume - 5 Issue - 11


Iconicity in the Sundanese Traditional Naming of Diseases in West Java Indonesia: A Study in Morphology and Semantics
Dadang Suganda, Wagiati, Sugeng Riyanto, Nani Darmayanti

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To Study the Impact of Parents Education on Religion Wise Response to Polio Eradication Programme: A Sociological Study With Reference to Aligarh District in Uttarpradesh
Dr. Abhimanyu Kumar, Dr. Krishna Agrawal,

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The Impact of Educational Research on Education Administrators and Politicians
Maria Luisa Garcia Sevillano, Santiago Nieto Martin,

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Sub national mortality trajectory in Kenya: Examining the role of HIV and AIDS interventions
Wilson Muema, Alfred Agwanda, Lawrence Ikamari

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Haitian Epistemology, Haitian/Vilokan Idealism, and its Anti-Humanism
Paul C. Mocombe

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British Raj in India: A Postcolonial Critique of the novel "Burnt Shadows"
Wahid Pervez

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Art and Application of Mediums and Techniques for Drawings
Shekhar Chandra Joshi

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Reporting Drug Addicts in Nigeria - Whose Responsibility?
Abba Kale

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