International Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Studies

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Volume - 4 Issue - 4


Positive Effect or Negative Effect? Judging the Social Impact of Guanxi in the Perspective of Traditional China Culture
Ruihui Han, Qingdian Han

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Factors Affecting OFDI in Indian Manufacturing Firms: Technical Analysis
Juhi Lohani, Timsi Bhatia

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The Status of women in the God of Small Things -A Feministic Approach
Dr. R. Anne Margaret

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This Solitude is My Life... A Case Study of Psychological Experiences of Residents of an Old Age Home in Lahore
Faisal Bashir

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The Contribution of Grade Point Average (GPA), Microteching Practice Achievement and Motivation to be a Teacher on the Students' Teaching Practicum Achievement
M. Sulthon Masyhud, Zakiyah Tasnim, Misno A. Latif

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