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Volume - 3 Issue - 7


Actual Picture of JFM System: Field Study from Goalpara District of Assam
Bipul Kr Rabha

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The Political Awakening and National Struggle in Nellore District
Dr.K.Sravana Kumar

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Trusting Intuitive Knowledge to Inform the Design of a Curriculum Model
Carolyn Mamchur (Dr.)

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Conditional Release of Convicted Persons in Kosovo
Azem Hajdari

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Improving MPCK in the Teaching of Area Measurement: An Intervention in Greek Kindergarten Classrooms
Dr. Kolipetri Zoi

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The Free Time Test (FTT): A Personal Evaluation of Leisure
Donald N. Roberson, Jr.

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Water and Sanitation Services in Informal Urban Settlements and their Implications to Peoples Health in Tandale, Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Said Nuhu, Chakupewa Joseph Mpambije

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Assessment of the Effect of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy in Enhancing Junior Secondary School Students' Attitude towards Basic Science in Lagos State
Badejo A.O., Anyanwu Akudo Chioma

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