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Volume - 3 Issue - 3


The Nature of Hinduism, Buddhism and Christeism on Caste System: In View of Ambedkar's Philosophy - A Crictical Elucidation
Dr.Venkateswarlu Yesapogu

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Climate Change Awareness and Attitude of Senior Secondary Students in Umuahia Education Zone of Abia State
Prof. Samuel Agozie Ezeudu, Dr. (Mrs.) F. O. Ezeudu, Monday Sampson

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Competency Mapping Process in Current Scenario: A Need for Sustainable Growth
Dr. Muna Kalyani

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Poverty Reduction Policy and Poverty Reduction in Plateau State (2003-2009)
Dongkek, N.B, Okoye, C.O.

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Forests of India: A Review of its Colonial Ordeal
Sarup Sinha

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Making a Sociological Inquiry about the Role of Films in Lifestyle
Fateme Mohamadi

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Dynamics and Practices of Self-Assessment in School Organizations
Teresa Santos, Maria Palmira Alves

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