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Volume - 3 Issue - 10


Analyzing the Impact of Biogas Technology Adoption on Farming System: a Case of District Dera Ismail Khan
Syed Muhammad Amir, Liu Yonggong, Nida Shah

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Blended Learning in Saudi Universities: Challenges and Aspirations
Hebah Sheerah, Andy Goodwyn

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Design is a Geographical Indication (GI) of the Mising Textile
Naba Kumar Pegu

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Evaluating and Transforming Workplace Culture in Vietnam Companies by Applying Lean Management
Thi Nham Le, Chia Nan Wang, Ying Fang Huang

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A Marxist analysis of Ngugi Wa Thiong'o's Novel Matigari
Rauna Mwetulundila

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The Impact of Sports Tourism on Small Scale Business Development in Sri Lanka: International Cricket Match
Vimukthi Charika Wickramaratne, J.A.Prasansha Kumari

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Trends in Spending and Money Management Practices among Students of Kerala
Mrs. R. Manju

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