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Volume - 2 Issue - 6


Youth Capacity Building in Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment in Zimbabwe: Making a Case for Business Incubation
Hamauswa Shakespear, Gwiza Aaram

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The Influence of the Level of Proficiency and Listening Comprehension Strategy Use of Iranian EFL Learners
Mansoureh Sajjadi, Mustafa Zamaniyan

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The Effect of Perceived Organizational Support and Proactive Personality on Reentry Adjustment for Returned Teachers from University
Dr. Yan Yan

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Travel Journal of a Painter: Inspiring places in Nigeria
JOSHUA, John Oyedemi

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Nadikerianda Chinnappa: The Legend of Coorg
Lalitha K. P.

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Remembering the Cold War: East/West Relations 1945-1991
Leroy A. Binns

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Emergent Inclusive Education Practice in Kenya, Challenges and Suggestions
Peter Oracha Adoyo, Michael Lumumba Odeny

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Role of Women Elected Representatives in Local Area Development: A Case Study of Kolkata Municipal Corporation
Anindya Basu, Dr. Sukla Bhaduri

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An Analysis of Rhetoric and Humour in Dudley's Political Cartoons Published in the Namibian Newspaper in 2012
Rauna Mwetulundila, Jairos Kangira

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