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Volume - 2 Issue - 3


An Examination of Relevant Issues in Nigeria's Fiscal Federalism
Ewetan, O. O, PhD, Prof. D. N. Ike, Prof. C. S. Ige

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Changes of Classroom: Emerging Learning with an E-textbook
Tecnam Yoon

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The Comparison of Cognitive Emotion Regulation of Children with Attention Deficit- hyperactivity Disorder and Normal Children
Seyyed Saeed Moosavi, Jafar Hasani, Mazaher Rezaei

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The Effect of Kenena Sugar Company on Community Livelihood: A case of Altogaba Village, White Nile State, Sudan
Dr. Hind Bushra Ahmed

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The Women Empowerment and Gender Crime
Dr. TH. Binarani Devi

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Law and Art: Protecting the Intellectual Property Rights of Olympic Symbols. Case Study: Athens 2004
Dr Panagiota Papanikolaou

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Morality and Education: Foundation for Women Empowerment
Dr. K. Kunjani Devi

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