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Volume - 2 Issue - 12


Challenges of Record Management in two Health Institutions in Lagos State, Nigeria
Yaya, Japheth Abdulazeez, Asunmo, Abimbola , Abolarinwa, Shola Timothy, Onyenekwe, Nkechi Linda

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Work-Life Balance Challenges and Solutions: Overview
Mr.D.Babin Dhas, Dr.P.Karthikeyan

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Pragmatism, Prostitution and Morality in the Haunted Trail Philip Chidavaenzi (2012) and Highway Queen Virginia Phiri (2010)
Theresia Mdlongwa

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Communicability Local Food Culture through Curatorial Design
Yu-Ju Lin, Jun-Liang Chen, Po-Hsien Lin

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Knowledge, Attitudes/Beliefs and Practices in Medical Waste Management - An Appraisal of Jos North LGA, Plateau State, Nigeria
Erekpitan O. Ola-Adisa, Y. P. Elijah Mangden, Yohanna C. Sati, James O. Adisa

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Household Gods in Jewish Cosmology and the Challenges of Syncre-Fetish Practices among Yoruba Christians
Olusayo 'Bosun Oladejo

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Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Nigerian Unemployment using the Vector Autoregressive Approach
Olawale Basheer Akanbi

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How Google Remembers the Formula One Champions?
Rafael Duarte Oliveira Venancio, Marina Colli de Oliveira

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An Econometric Approach to Short and Long Run Analysis of the Nigerian Economy - Capital Flight in Nigeria
Olawale Basheer Akanbi

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The Effects of Urbanisation and Neighbourhood Deterioration on Urban Dweller's Quality of Life in Lagos Megacity
Abimbola, O.Omolabi., Pauline, W.Adebayo

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An Evaluation of Radio Audience Satisfaction with Programming on
Inspiration 92.3 FM, Lagos

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An Appraisal of African Traditional Economy as an Heritage
Abiodun J. Oluwabamide

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Use of Indigenous Musical Games and Songs in Developing the Total Well Being of the Child
Emmanuel Obed Acquah, Kojo Andoh Sackey-Sam, John Francis Annan

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