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Volume - 2 Issue - 11


Growth Rate of Chilli Production in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh
Dr. L.K.Velayutham, Dr. K. Damodaran

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Students Social Interactions and Learning in a Multicultural School
Awal M. Alhassan

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Liability under Consumer Law in India: A Socio-Legal Analysis
Dr. G.Adinarayana

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Model of Solutions to Violence at High Schools in Can Tho - Viet Nam
Huynh Van Son

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Problems Faced by Senior Citizen in Contemporary Society: Findings from the Household Survey in Karachi-Pakistan
Dr.Syeda Farhana Sarfaraz, Dr. SakinaRiaz

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Intervention of Newer Design for Handloom Brocade Sari of Varanasi
Shaleni Bajpai, Anjali Karolia, Amita Pandya

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Impact of a Program to Promote Critical Thinking through Informal Logic in University Students of Argentina
Dr.Elizabeth Da Dalt

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