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Volume - 2 Issue - 10


The Risk Level of Viet Nam Water Industry Under Financial Leverage During and After The Global Crisis 2007-2011
Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy

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The Effect of Peer Groups on Gender Identity and Expression
Sharlene Golshirazian, Manpreet Dhillon, Saskia Maltz, Keisha E. Payne, Jerome Rabow

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Work Overload, Role Ambiguity and Role Boundary and its Effect on Burnout among Nurses of Public Hospitals in Malaysia
Jasmani Binti Mohd Yunus, Abdul Jumaat Bin Mahajar

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Peace Keeping Role of Nigeria in Sub-Sahara Africa
Osimen, Goddy.U, Akinwunmi, Adeboye A., Adetula, Samuel Lanrewaju

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Svadharma and Paradharma: A Review
Dr.Sudhakar Jally

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An Analysis of SACRED GROVES with Special Reference to Coorg
Lalitha K. P.

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The Effect of Mortality Salience on Perceived Organizational Support
Meryem Berrin BULUT

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The Economic Crisis in Greece and Its Effects on Culture (2010-2015). The Case of Museums and Art Galleries
Dr Panagiota M. Papanikolaou

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Unique Tribes of Coorg
Lalitha K. P.

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